Marka Park Lands



•Marka Park has 28 Stores all around Turkey in the top 15 cities. (Details on the map)

Marka Park has 12 stores in İstanbul, which is the biggest metropol with its population of  14.260.000 people.


As a retailer,  Marka Park is merchandising a good number of prestigious and trendy brands and offers brands such as Armani Jeans Footwear, Guess Footwear, Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, Camper,Hunter, Moon Boot, Ugg, New Balance, Skechers, Toms, SupergaVans, Fred Perry and many other brands to its customers at its own stores.

Marka Park sells approximately 60 different world-wide brands, each of these brands require many criterias which are hard  to meet to work with a company.  Marka Park manages to satisfy the criterias of all these brands. Marka Park is the only company that can handle this many brands at the same time.


World wide famous, high end fashion brands Guess and Moon Boot have chosen Marka Park as their authorized importer. Guess and Moon Boot merchandise in Marka Park stores are purchased directly from Italy. Since Marka Park directly imports these brands, they increase the profitibility of the company to a great extent.

By addressing not only to adults but also to kids, Marka Park has   visitors from all age groups. In addition, customers know that they can find Hunter rainboots on a rainy day, or  North Face outdoor products on a hard-winter’s day or Superga canvas shoes on a warm day or any kids shoes for back to school.


In addition, Marka Park has by far the widest collection in each of the brands it is selling.


Therefore, Marka Park is simply the most popular multi-brand footwear chainstore in terms of traffic and visit-ratings.


Marka Park stores, most of the time, are in the best  locations of the most important malls. And as of today,  among the corporate retailers, Marka Park has a priceless and unique value of set of locations in overall evaluation. This is, without any doubt, a strategical power, as well.


Marka Park strongly believes that success in retail business is hidden in details and therefore, the company monitors the stores in terms of sell/through on a daily basis. In addition, Marka Park paysattention to meet its customers’  extreme demands and expectations by questionaries and some other methods.


In a competitive market like Turkey, Marka Park is by far the leader company in its segment.(by growth rate, turnovers and square meter efficiency). It is a natural result of the team taking care of every single details.



Knowing that customer is the key factor to success in a competitive market; Marka Park is not only paying a great attention to customer relations but also focusing on the leader customer loyalty programs.

First of them is Hopi, which is a revolutinary mobile-phone application which offers the users a bunch of opportunities ina good variety of brands and stores. The application was built by Boyner group and they have carried out a unique advertisement campaign by dominating all the TV channels, press media and  billboards outdoor for a very long time.

As a result, Hopi has reached almost 5 million users recently Marka Park is the only company which takes place in Hopi in its segment.

In addition, Marka Park has a special agreement with Zubizu which is quite visible on the press media and national TV channels nowadays. Zubizu targets a higher class segment of customers and Marka Park also reaches customers from A, A+ classes more easily and enlarges its customer range.




      Surely, Marka Park has invested in e-commerce, as well.

      Relying on the unique variety of brand and great collections, Marka Park has improved its business to a great extent.

      Thanks to great increase in the number of stores, improving brand awareness of Marka Park has reflected on our e-commerce business.

      In the chart below, you can see the current number of our followers and fans on various social media instruments as of November 2015. None of the figures have been flattered or fake.




      We have been distributing iconic Italian brand Moon Boot which you can see in the            windows of    La Fayette, Harrods, La Rinascente.  The brand is preferred by celebrities such                  as Adriana Lima, Paris Hilton,  Miley Cyrus and it is referred as one of the most important         inventions of 20th century with its unique silhouette.

      Marka Park currently has  49 doors. These points of sales includes boutique and premium companies such as Harvey Nichols, Beymen, Mocassini etc. as well as the biggest department stores and footwear chainstores such as Sportworks, SPX, Etichet etc.

      We have been selling Moon Boot in 49 points of sales. When we choose these locations, we pay attention to price level and customer types of the mentioned company/ shopping mall. Thanks to regular controls of displays and good location-positioning in the stores; Moon Boot has reached a good deal of brand awareness in Turkey.

      We, as Marka Park, have always been careful with the dealers’ happiness. We believe that as long as the dealers are happy with the products and with the support of our team after their purchasing, they will try to become more and more successful.  This is a major principle in our wholesale business.

Marka Park’s success lies under the categorization, follow ups and careful customer selection for the brands.



      As a natural result of having great experience in footwear market

and good relationships, Marka Park has been a leading and respected company.

      As a reward of our hard work, Marka Park has quiet important references from global banks and footwear companies.

International Business References:

Eren Bayer- Tommy Hilfiger - Sales Director >

Augusto Cantone-Guess-Head  of Sales >

Orhan Nural- Armani Jeans Turkey Office  >

Elisabetta Zaia-Tecnica-Moon Boot >


      Since Marka Park is growing consistently with great statistics in terms of square-meter and visit-rating, mall managements believe that Marka Park is a driving force for their malls. Therefore, they have been proposing Marka Park to open stores in their malls.

      Thanks to their interest; Marka Park manages to open stores in special locations/ corridors in the malls. Mostly, the neighbour stores belong to global companies such as Lacoste, Zara, Guess etc.